he speaks, petals blow in the wind,

land in her hands. she holds them

and her heart speaks the language of flowers.


what was it He blew this direction?

what softness did He bring?

what stilled the hearts of creatures?


under the siege of words

pains unleashed from centuries

the soul, lashed with red


bottled tears gleam in sunlight

a gaze speaks a thousand words–

releasing hidden torrent


he sings a melody, and walks in the midst

of a pine forest; alone, he walks—

who sings with you?


do the trees bend and join your song?

does the river thirst and beg you to drink?

he stands in waters — rushing and cool


the sun beats; he sleeps

he awakens with chest open–

his rib is missing. she can breathe.


words cannot be spoken now,

language is that of the leaves and

petals that blow in the wind.