A scarlet thread
Burns long, thin
Intersecting Sunday
And the corner
Of my heart–
Hungry for red

I know the thread,
The very one
It pulls me to your neck
Unfolds like silk

I pull string taut
Tie knot
So needle won’t slip
Yet seam rips
Knot unties

A few crimson threads
Fall to the floor
Taste the hunger
Of belonging—
Are scarlet wounds
Sealed with simply a stitch

If the button didn’t fall
Slip out of the pocket
Get lost on a Sunday–
I’d still be searching

Can I say what is mine
And what is yours
Can you tell me where
The scarlet thread ends

Hunger for crimson
To hug your skin
Feel the warmth of red

A coat of crimson
Covers me
I taste the scarlet thread

 Revised 2/8/17  © prasanta


This particular poem is a “found poem” and  was inspired by a poem called “Coated” , written by L.L. Barkat, which can be read here, from an earlier posting of “Every Day Poems”. Words used from that poem are: hungry, red, scarlet, coat, Sunday, needle, button, thread, silk, and neck. I wrote an original of this in 2014, which can be found here, and revised it above for a current Tweetspeak prompt.