Last week, something struck me and hit me a bit hard, and I was just working through some things- and of course social media looked empty, dismal, and unimportant (and much of it is), but I was not interested in any of it. And of course, other things looked different, too; in many instances, I’m only partially present as my mind wanders off. So, I’m still working through it….

Last week, I dropped off of twitter (and mostly facebook, though I’m not on much of either anyway), and though most people did not notice, perhaps one person did. I’m sorry if it caused alarm to perhaps that one person who might have noticed. They probably don’t know that I am aware of it, but I am. (And I am thankful to know it.)

How’s that for cryptic? And, there’s so much irony in my story.

But that’s what happened last week.