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Hi and welcome! I’m Prasanta, a writer, poet, artist, and mom of three fabulous kids. I write about culture, identity, race, and belonging. Most days, you can find me reading or writing, with a cup of chai in hand. When it’s warm and everything is blooming outdoors, you may find me out on a walk with a camera in hand.

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If you want to know more about me: I was born under an Asian sun, raised in the Appalachian foothills in the southern U.S., and currently reside in the upper Midwest. I hold an MBA and an MPH, and served for many years as a volunteer high school  debate coach. My day job: I work as a Realtor. My other job: writing as much as I can, with a strong side of reading. Feel free to reach out via the Contact page. : ) 

Recent Posts

Porch Swing in September

(I'm not quite ready for the porch swinging to end! But I know those days are coming.) Porch Swing in September by Ted Kooser The porch swing hangs fixed in a morning sun that bleaches its gray slats, its flowered cushion whose flowers have faded, like those of...

Solstice Lament (Poem)

Solstice Lament   A leaf, flower, blue egg blossom in brief— short season of thaw before heads scurry in holes. For now, irony— gaining inches of darkness while days shimmer in verdurous splendor, efflorescent interval. Light soon dissolves— night spreads...

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