This marks a foray into the blogging world for me…something I’ve been longing to do for quite some time now. This first entry will explain a little about how I chose the name for this blog.

Along this journey of trials  in this earthly life, very recently I was reminded by God to seek out the treasures he places in my path. Although I’d read the verse before, I hadn’t thought of it in the same way.  Although I don’t think I’m seeking treasures here on earth, I asked myself how I was doing with the treasures in heaven. Are any up there, because of me? Am I shining any light in this dark world? I honestly don’t know… I hope so. But, that day, I resolved to make a concerted effort to actively seek out those treasures, and actively work on that stockpile on heaven. I’m not talking about “works” here– just obedience, I guess. I think God wants an obedient heart– that to him is better than sacrifice.

So, he gave me a clue: Obedience. Have an obedient heart.

Then God reminded me, “I don’t owe you anything. Don’t you think Jesus was lonely? Nobody could understand his loneliness, his fear, his predicament. Nobody! He was all alone. But I was with Him. Even when I turned my back on Him– it was because of YOU– that I did it. I did it all for YOU.”

The truth is– I don’t know the answers to many of the questions that arise. The truth is, I know that if I’m left on my own, I’ll pretty much make a mess of it all. I’m glad God is in charge, even though I often don’t allow Him to take charge. Why do I wallow in these petty circumstances when spiritual abundance is available to me? There are treasures I have yet to discover. I know I’m on my way to finding them. I have an inkling of what some of them are, I’ve tasted samples along the way. Yet, I still don’t have some—many– in my grasp. I want to hold them in hand, my heart, and gaze upon their beauty, like precious, deep-colored stones.

So this blog is about that journey, and the treasures– the truths– I learn on the way.

“He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies; my cup runneth over.” I know He has the unimaginable in store for me– in the present, and in the eternal. I keep holding onto that promise.

I really belong nowhere else– except with you, Lord. This earth is a foreign place, and I’m just a temporary visitor. My permanent home and dwelling place is with you. Please fill me so that I long for nothing else. I love you. My cup is overflowing with the treasure of you.