“For you have been a shelter for me, a strong tower from the enemy. I will abide in Your tabernacle forever; I will trust in the shelter of Your wings.” Psalm 61: 3-4

Just recently, a friend shared with me that she had a safe place to go to share her struggles, questions, fears, etc… a place where she could say anything without fear of reprisal, condemnation, criticism, or judgment. A true friend like that will listen to you, ask questions, but won’t condemn or criticize. In fact, you know you are still loved no matter what  you say. The person listening may not necessarily understand or agree with you (safe places aren’t perfect places), but you know you are free to share whatever it is you need to say, and still be loved and accepted, no matter what.  That, my friend, is a safe place to go!

Sometimes just dumping it all out is all you need. Sometimes  you need to dig deeper than that. Do you have a safe place? A safe haven? I wish everyone could have that.

If you have a place like that, thank God for His provision. But if not, God is that place. In a recent Beth Moore study, we talked about how there is a place that no human can fill. That empty space can only be filled and understood by God. Even in the best, most fulfilling of relationships and circumstances, there is a place that no other earthly person or object can fill.  Oh, we’ll still try filling it up, though, and not be satisfied in the end– because it’s not God who is filling that space. He created us, and we need Him. We’re incomplete without Him.

There is a Person who knows all about us. He knows our thoughts, everything that’s happened to us in our past, all about our present circumstances, and everything that will happen in the future. We can say anything to Him; in fact, we ought to. We ought to be pouring it all out at his feet first, before we get ourselves in a heapful of trouble, know what I mean?

When we don’t know where to turn, it’s actually a blessing, because God wants us to turn to Him in that instance. If He’s taken everything away from us, if we have no safe places, or there is nowhere to turn– He’s actually done us a big favor. It’s because He wants to be more to us…He’s bringing us into a closer relationship with Him than we were before. He’s trying to grow something… seeds of faith or trust.

When there is nothing else or no one else, God IS. He loves us enough and cares about us enough to allow us to come to the place where we absolutely have no place else to turn. He is strong enough, wise enough, smart enough– and basically, He’s a know-it-all. He knows it ALL. There is nothing hidden from his sight. (“O God, You know my foolishness; And my sins are not hidden from You. ” Psalm 69:5)

Let’s face it, human wisdom will fail. Our safe places may not always be there. They may disappear tomorrow, or may disappoint us. Humans will fail us, disappoint us, and earthly help may be unavailable or inadequate. But,  God is never-failing, ever-faithful, never-changing, all-knowing, all-loving, merciful, trusthworthy, more than adequate, ________________ (fill in the blank)….  God IS.  He IS.

Dear God, thank you that  you never change, you are ever-faithful, ever-present, all-powerful.  Thank you that You ARE. Thank you that you are a trustworthy listener. Thank you that you can be– and are– a safe place for anyone on this planet. Help me to come to your feet first.