Incase you’ve ever wondered… God IS Real.

Incase you’ve ever asked… God IS Faithful.

Incase you’ve ever questioned… God IS Sovereign.

Incase… you’re sitting on the fence, incase you’re not sure…incase you’re in a season of wondering and doubt…

God IS there, was there, and will be there. God will not change. God will not break a promise. He simply cannot.  God will remain true. God will listen. God will not desert you. God will love you.

God will judge you. He will ask you to answer for your actions and decisions. As a loving father, He will discipline you.

But He does love you. He teaches you. He stands by you. He walks with you. He holds you. He listens to you. He talks to you.

His beauty can be seen in the smallest flower. His tears can be seen in the falling rain. His song can be heard when the birds sing. His voice can be heard in the gentle breeze.  His light and glory can be seen in the sunshine. His laughter can be heard in the bubbling brook. His sorrow can be heard in a mighty ocean tempest. His anger is seen in the destructive wind. His mercy can be seen in the springtime. His strength can be seen in a towering oak tree. His creativity can be seen in the creatures that roam this earth.

Every spring, his mercy and faithfulness burst forth after a season of ice, snow, brutal cold and wind.

His grace can be seen in a redeemed life; in every life that has been brought up out of the pit and been transformed and renewed, so that buds of spirit-fruit can bloom and delight the world, brighten the world, and spread a fragrance of an eternal kind.

Incase you’re wondering… He is faithful. He is The Faithful One.