Those lists…those lovely lists…

Sweet corners on the internet that are full of hope, truth, encouragement… words of life. Shedding some light in the darkness. How I need that. Don’t we all need that?  Our families, kids, friends, neighbors, colleagues, strangers… the world… all are aching for some hope, some purpose, love, light. Japan… Japan is aching, too….

Now on a dark, dreary day, I have to look above for help in fleshing out the hope, the gratitude, the joy, in making a choice. Bear fruit? Or display another twisted, barren branch?


Ever since linking in with the other folks who also link up at Ann Voskamp’s blog, I’ve had my mind more on thinking  words of gratitude, truth and joy. It’s not just multitudes for Mondays, but all days. I admit, it’s hard, sometimes really, really hard. I have to remind myself– God gives enough grace and his mercies are new each and every dawn. And, there are times I’ve got to ask myself — how does this translate into my daily living?  how can I demonstrate this? what does it look like practically? Am I living it? This eucharisteo– am I?

I’ve got the book on order, One Thousand Gifts (but already read chapter 1– which was available on her site for viewing) and on one hand, I can’t wait for it to arrive at my door. On the other hand, as others have said, this book will “mess with you”… and am I ready for the challenge?