A firm place

For stubbing toe and

A soft place

To lay head…

Bewitched paradoxed ground with

Reeds not bowed by wind.

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((I’m giving poetry a try. Been writing poetry for years, but only put up on the blog recently. The poem above is my attempt at writing a “Shadorma”,  a poem of six lines, with the following syllabic structure: 3-5-3-3-7-5)).

((And I changed the last two lines of this poem after submitting it to One Shot Wednesday– and so this post has been updated a few times because of the revisions I made of the poem –sorry for that. I wanted to change the last two lines, wasn’t quite right to my ears, and I like the above ending better. In case you’re wondering, the last two lines were originally this:  solid terra unmoved, not /reeds shaken by wind. The above poem is the last revision– I’m letting it be. Thanks for reading!))