In Yellow Summer

Lilies reach skyward

Yellow cranes, learning to fly

Like growing children


In summer, they frolic and laugh under the trees. The sunny yellow lilies sway tall; young souls are like the lilies, blooming in early summer’s youth, gentle and fragile, full of hope. White daisies swing nearby, but the color vermillion is missing, and is waiting patiently on the sidelines for inclusion, along with orange marigolds. Green is the perfect backdrop for this backyard painting.

Words don’t need to be spoken in this place.

With physical eyes, I ask for vision to see something new, new colors, new sights, new truths… even thankfulness before I know the outcome, with eyes of faith.

I look for it where I expect to see it,

and where I don’t…

I look for it among  purple fuchsia already in bloom…

But all of these places are obvious. I ask now to see with fresh vision, to see what is unseen, with the eyesight I must have for eucharisteo living, finding grace in the everyday, especially under dirt, and the layers of dust of which I, we, are made.

I don’t know exactly what I may find, but the journey is like no other, venturing beyond the gate, to what is unseen… to this:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1

Will you, too, venture beyond the gate, beyond the dirt, dust, doubts, and discover treasures unexpected, beyond what is seen?


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