It’s Friday and you know the routine! The prompt at Five Minute Friday hosted by Lisa-Jo at her site. I look forward to Fridays and these prompts. Visit her site to read other five-minute posts or to participate! Today’s prompt is “Wonder”. Today, I was at the pool while the kids were swimming and it gave me a chance to read the next chapter of One Thousand Gifts. The chapter I am on now is Chapter 9–  and it had so much about “wonder”…it was a happy “coincidence”! It made it easier for me to respond to the prompt:



“God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we are nothing, He can make something out of us.” Martin Luther

Today, I am reading chapter 9 of Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, and she is writing about “wonder”… coincidence? I love these “coincidences”! The quote above is from the beginning of the chapter.

That God can make something out of nothing, out of the blackness, out of a void, and create with His breath and His thought, that is indeed a wonder. That God can take something as dark as sin, a heart as black as night, and find a way to make it pure and holy and clean… that is love beyond words. That he can make something out of me, a piece of (dis)organized dust, brings me to my knees in worship, adoration, awe, fear… and wonder.

My God is a God of wonder, miracles, beauties.  I live amidst worlds  microscopic and walk over them, and they are inside me, and my lungs breathe and my heart beats, and the universe is still hanging in space around me, and I have had nothing to do with it, and how easily I miss the beauty, the wonder of Him, His love, His grace, when I barge through each day full of my agenda, my to-do’s, my frustrations, distractions, and difficulties. Yet it is all a wonder. How often have I used the word “wonderful”, which means, I suppose, “full of wonder”… too freely, too casually… at the beautiful.

How easy it is for a child to simply be, eyes full of the marvelous, gazing at what I’ve come to see as “ordinary”… the child’s eyes are big and consuming the beauty, while my eyes are squinting toward the future or crying over circumstances… May I have the wonder of a child, and not lose sight of the wonder of the beauty that comes from nothingness.



I added a new category today, thanks to this prompt: “wonder”. Thank you, Lisa-Jo.