276. a sunny weekend

277. fresh lettuce from the garden

278. writing my 100th post this past week… I forgot to commemorate it with a little note, but no matter… I’m still forging ahead– and will possibly pick another number, such as 125 or 150, or 200… 🙂

279. making friends through blogging… so sweet!

280. a gentle breeze blowing, before the rain

281. plenty of rain

282. the kids helping me pull weeds from the garden…I read that putting newspaper between the plants should help keep weeds out, so we’re trying that method

283. the summer reading program at the library– the kids have finished their books, and have collected their coupons and prizes. Today we redeemed coupons for sub sandwiches and iced coffee– fun treats!

284. listening to a guitarist play a beautiful rendering of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” on Sunday at church… lovely, I could have listened for hours

285. Taking the kids shoe shopping. It could normally be difficult to have two boys, ages 8 and 10, go shopping (the 13 year old girl is easy to shop with! :))  but since it was for the 8 year old, and that was the only thing we had to do, it turned out to be a fun outing! It was the same day we picked up our library coupons and subs. I think the reward at the end helped! 🙂

286. cooling off under a ceiling fan– not that it’s been very hot, but it’s a relaxing thing to do in the summer

287. that my 13 year old girl has two good friends, and these three girls encourage one another in their faith. They are planning to share their faith– can you believe it?– they want to go door-to-door in their neighborhoods. Nobody told them to do this– it’s their idea. Whether it works out or not, I was thrilled and encouraged by these young teens who are building one another up in their friendship, and it isn’t a flippant kind of friendship.  They are normal teens, noticing their clothes, hair, etc.,  but I see the desire to be relevant and real. It is so exciting to see– a new phase of growing up, and interesting to observe from a parental (or an adult’s) perspective. I can remember when I was a teen– with so much of life ahead.

288. a 4:30 am wake-up call by the robins. Normally I wouldn’t like to be awakened at 4:30 am, but this was too sweet. I didn’t actually get up until later, but that sound was a welcome one. I’ve spent too many dark cold winter mornings waiting for the sounds of spring and summer!

289. That nothing can separate me from the love of God– nothing!

290. That He is faithful, so faithful!

291. that God can take nothing and make something, and the more “nothing” I am, the more “something” He can make out of me!

** Please note– things may get a little quieter now and then as we enjoy our summer, visit family and friends, and take things a bit easier… I’ll try to keep regular updates, so please keep checking back often! Love you, blog reader friends.

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