That is today’s Five Minute Writing Prompt at Lisa-Jo’s website. I love these Five Minute Prompts. (The rules are– write for 5 minutes straight, no editing). I hope you’ll head over to her site to read other five minute posts.


I’m not sure why I’m where I am, and why I was born where I was, but God has placed me where He wanted me to be, and I am grateful. I am grateful for His over-arching plan for my life, and that He is in charge of it, and not me, since I’d make a mess if I were in charge of it, and it wouldn’t be very pretty.

I’m grateful for words, for bloggers, for blogging, for THE WORD, and how I’ve read incredible blogs out there with amazing words that point straight to Him.

I’m grateful for tears, for they have shown me the value of laughter. I’m grateful for death, for it has shown me life. I’m grateful for difficulties, for they have shown me how blessed I am. I’m grateful for sorrow, for it brings me closer to joy.

I’m grateful that God can use the foolish and small things of this world… like me. Today, just today, I was feeling like a lost child, a foolish girl, who wouldn’t know left from right were it not for the Good Shepherd leading me. I’m grateful that God can take my weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

I’m grateful for a God who never gives up, loves me like no one else, and knows me better than anyone. He is my rock that I lean upon. I’m grateful to God, because without Him, I don’t know what or where or who I’d be…a floundering soul in a mess. I’m still a mess- but with God– my mess has hope! 🙂 LOL!