I took this picture last week in a friend's backyard in Alabama

Ever since I was a little girl, I had the same dream while traveling in a car and staring at the trees out the window: I dreamed I could hop from treetop to treetop. The trees looked inviting and soft like big puffy pillows– and fully able to support a hop from one tree to the next. It looked possible. If only I could get out of the car and try.

I still imagine the same when I look out the window on long car rides, and see trees swishing by. I wish I could get out and “travel by tree”! 🙂 hah!

In a way, I did get to do this, when we took a short flight back home (about 2 hours) the other day. I did fly above the trees, way above, and saw life viewed from thousands of feet up in the sky. It amazes me that God can keep all the details straight for each person in the world…astounds me… especially when I realize I can’t remember what I had for lunch a week ago, or forget birthdays, and can’t remember phone numbers. I can’t even keep the basic info together, the facts, the data… and relationships are an entirely different category altogether! 🙂 He’s got more, and bigger stuff to remember, like tears, laughter, gentleness, humility. I’m thankful that He loves us so much, He does keep track of it all.

My weekly gratitude list:

292. travel mercies, when traveling down south to visit family

293. time spent with family, just living life

294. swimming in the neighbor’s pool

295. visiting two wonderful museums

296. eating at Sweet Tomato (love that place!)

297. staying cool in the shade

298. we drove down, but the kids and I flew back home. And the flight was a late one, nighttime. The cities’ lights looked like sparkling amber and golden jewels sparkling from the sky.

299. seeing fireworks from way up high in the plane… looked so small from up there

300. seeing lightning (from a safe distance) from way up in the clouds

301. sweet southern iced tea

302.  a charming walking trail

303.dreaming at home

304. baseball in the park

305. swinging on the back porch… when I could get on it, it was a popular place to be

306. taking pictures at the creek, where the boys were fishing

307. sleep

308. allergy medicine, which stops my sneezing

309. blankets

310. sandals

311. airplanes

312. hot tea

313. caves… Despite my visit to Ruby Falls as a child, I hadn’t given caves much thought, until recently. Not that I want to go cave- exploring… I much prefer the tamer way to visit as a tourist :)… it’s just that they’re interesting.

314. for writing poetry… I’ve been writing about 2-4 poems per week for the past 2 months. I haven’t done that in years. Yay and hallelujah! It’s so fulfilling.

315. power in the spoken Word

316. power in the written Word

317. haircuts for the boys

318. dreaming of the next trip down south

319. that God keeps track of the details, big and small