Today’s Five Minute Writing Prompt: FULL

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If he has come that my joy may be full… why do I forget? Hard days and circumstances shouldn’t rob me, should they? Maybe I let thieves in, and they steal something from me. If they’ve stolen something, then it is something I have owned. But this is life, when thorns rub us and scratch us and we ache. Maybe, I’m still learning.

Some thorns awaken the emptiness in us, and then we seek, because we know we are empty.

I am the fullest when I am most empty…of myself. I am the fullest when I am empty of seeking what I want, and ask God what He wants. I am the fullest when I am with Him, empty of me.

I know no other way to be truly full. I’ve searched other avenues, ways, and have walked away wanting, hungry and seeking.

To fill, He needs space, which means I must move myself and give Him room to move. And if the God of the universe offers grace and love to me, how can it help but overflow; He is big enough to fill holes and gaps that the cursed world has left. He is big enough to fill the gap that separates me from Him. He is big enough to forgive me and cover my sins, and fill  with forgiveness and grace. He is big enough for that and more, big enough to help me… to forgive the thorns.

And I am left full, dripping in His grace-rain, and my tears soaking the ground, because of what He’s done, and what I don’t deserve. Without Him, I am full of… nothingness.

His grace-rain falls, and I am full… enough for a lifetime… and eternity.