Today’s Five Minute Prompt: STILL


I remember trying to catch the butterfly with my lens. The monarch stopped on the purple cone flower for a long rest… but by the time I had my camera out and ready, and quietly tip-toeing to catch a photo– she had flown away.

Beauty had found a resting place, and then flew away.

I think that is how it is with beauty. I find it in the still moments, when I am seeking, and even when I am not. And like a perfume that fills in the air with a sweet scent, so is beauty filling in empty spaces, spreading joy and fragrance, fruits of the eternal, filling in the dry, empty spots of my soul.

And I am stilled.

Even in circumstances like a wilderness, there can be stillness, like a quiet shaded spot, surrounded by a canopy of green… a spot to rest.

In any desert, or wilderness, there is a place to of rest and refreshment, a place of truth. It is a place of stillness, when the Father speaks words that offer rest to weary, traveling souls.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God.”



Sharing again this week with the lovely Lisa-Jo and her Five Minute Friday writing prompts which today happen to be here , at (in)courage.  I’m gone out in the woods camping this weekend, but will add some comment love to my neighbors when I return.