My youngest is learning about fractions.

For example: If you divide a circle into four equal parts, and shade one of those parts, then what fraction of the circle is shaded?  Answer: 1/4

It got me thinking, though, about people, and how all of us are like fractions, too. We have parts of us that are put together, and parts of us that are broken, divided.

And how many of those parts are filled in by Jesus? 

It is 1/4? 1/2? More, or less?

I bet if we take a really good, honest look at ourselves, we’ll realize we’ve got some parts of us he needs to fill.

The people we see walking all around us, at work, at the grocery store, in the park… at home… these little children, too… we’re all fractions, really. We need Someone who can fill us up, the One who can make us whole.

My youngest still has many things to learn about fractions, like how to add and subtract them, mixed numbers, etc.

But the biggest thing he (or any of us) needs to learn?

It’s that Jesus can make us whole.

Without him, the world is a big bunch of fractions, with pieces that don’t fit.

His love is immeausurable. It can’t be divided, or taken away from us. But, it can grow, and spread, as we share his love. And that adds up to ~ Infinity.

I hope you know this Jesus. I don’t have all the answers to all of the equations, but He does.


This is today’s Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt: “Whole” from Lisa-Jo, the Gypsy Mama. Check out her beautiful blog and read other five minute writes on Fridays! (P.S. I spent five minutes writing this post, but spent more time looking for a photo. I finally ended up taking a picture of some fraction pieces! 🙂 )