It looks beautiful, in the big land of Texas, this place of retreat.

I’d love to be surrounded by all that beauty. I’d love to write in the cleft of that canyon, watching the turns of the river.

The need to write is inscribed somewhere in my DNA, but I need some help crossing writing bridges in the path ahead. I’m ready to take my writing a step further, to a place that I see on the road ahead but can’t quite do all on my own, to improve the strength of the story I write.

I need to commiserate with others, and to learn from experts in the writing field, where a synergy of ideas and inspiration can take us all beyond the limits of our current imagination and ability. It happens together, where writers can give and share what they have with one another: ideas, knowledge, encouragement, advice. I’m seeking the learning and shaping that happen through the workshop sessions, and through the unplanned exchanges, such as a laugh shared, and a smile passed on. I’m seeking the rest and renewal that happen during those moments spent in solitude in outdoor beauty… and how all of these flow into the writing. I’m longing for this, seeking this, and need a time and place that is set aside to garner new tools and to gain perspective with other writers who give and take and where iron sharpens iron. I’m seeking this place, where there is a spirit of comaraderie and where the encouragement stretches and moves those who attend to a place beyond themselves.

For the writer, the artist… perhaps it is a necessity, to be among others who share similar passions, to be among those who understand the creative process, to be among those who long to heed the voice inside seeking an expression inspired by the Creator himself, and who long to do it well and to learn and improve, and to reflect a beautiful, meaningful sparkle of His light to the world through their words.

When I read about this retreat opportunity, my heart and head turned a few cartwheels with the chance of it. I would absolutely love to attend the Laity Lodge Writers Retreat. I looked at the retreat listings several months ago, and my post here includes many of the reasons why I’d love to go, why I feel the need to go, and why I’m trying. I’d love to experience firsthand a “confluence of creativity and faith-building” as expressed on the Laity Lodge website.

Several others, too, are writing for the opportunity to attend, beautiful word-weavers and story tellers, others I love to read.

Thank you, The High Calling, for offering this opportunity to attend the upcoming writer’s retreat. I can’t wait until September 6, like a child who is waiting for Christmas morning. I may not get what I want, but the excitement and anticipation is there. I’m looking forward to opening the package.

A particular blessing awaits one… but we are all recipients of His grace, receiving from the Giver of all good gifts.


To enter this giveaway, click here to read the details at The High Calling— the deadline to submit an entry is Sept. 6 . One winner will be drawn among the entries to attend the Laity Lodge Writers Retreat Sept. 29-Oct. 2, in Texas. Christian Blog Network