in real life
I’d be me and you’d be you
We’d be who we were meant to be
Charades gone, masks withdrawn
We’d be honest enough,
You and me

In real life
That’s just not the way it is though
You see
We hide behind
Masks we’ve made and
Ideas we’ve conjured
And lies we’ve believed

And when the days get tough
And life knocks us over
We put up our guards
So no one can see
The real you
And the real me

And all the while
We are longing
To be
Who we were meant to be

one day this world
will be as it really should be
one day
we all will see
and love
just as He

one day when life
is really as it is meant to be
one day
when life becomes real

I’ll see you and you’ll see me
and we’ll be just who
we were meant to be.


Five Minute Friday writing prompt: “in real life”… join Lisa-Jo at her site, the Gypsy-Mama, for a breath of fresh real life writing. 🙂