I take a walk along the path by the lake.

The day before, on a boat on the same lake, I had seen a loon, and an eagle swoop down close to the waves, looking for fish.

But today, I walk by the water, on a path carved out for those seeking a quiet walk.

Soon I come upon the first of several suprises.

Along the way, spots are carved for visitors to rest and reflect. On one side of me is the lake, the other side of me is the woods. And straight ahead of me is the path, already cleared.

I am thirsty for the woods, for the green, for the lake. These woods, this forest, is lush and full, and when the trees move, I can hear His whispers.

I was seeking something extraordinary, some huge revelation, answers to some questions….

…but nothing came. My tired soul simply walked in God’s canopied woods and breathed in the air, feasted on the scenery and remembered words spoken.

Words of life, His.

If I walk through the valley of the shadow of the death…

I will fear no evil.

He leads me beside the still waters…

He restores my soul.

His is the path I follow in the brambly, thorny woods of this life. He makes a way; the path is cleared for me. Where I cannot walk, He carries me.

My cup overflows.


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