Some days, I just don’t have it.


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I grumble. Complain. Stomp. Frown. Cry.

I was browsing through other blogs, other posts, etc., and that little ugly voice began to speak. You know the one, the one that says, “your blog isn’t as interesting as THAT one you just read…” and so on.

And not just in my blog, this happens “in real life”, too. “Oh, your life isn’t as exciting as hers, because (fill in the blank). Or, I’ll start comparing and then I end up feeling like I got the shortest stick of the draw.

Ever feel that way?


A voice whispered to me this morning that there are {at least?} three reasons I find myself feeling this way.

1) I’m comparing myself to others.

2) I haven’t been adding to the list of thankfulness and gratitude (eye opener: I didn’t do it this week!). I haven’t been counting or noticing the gifts, haven’t been thanking God for what He’s already done, doing and given, and giving.

3) I haven’t considered my audience. Really, I have an audience of One. Who am I writing for? Who am I living for? Why am I here? It’s all about Him. When I start shifting my focus off of Him, then the contentment starts to grow.

This was a good reminder for me. I’m tempted to look at how many things aren’t perfect, or downright difficult. Some of the situations or circumstances may change, some may not. Even if some difficulties are removed, I’ve lived long enough to know that others will step in their place. Not to sound pessimistic at all, but it’s reality: life is a series of storms and challenges.

Yet in the midst of these challenges and storms, God’s promises are still true. His gifts still flow, He is still merciful.

That’s about all I know. 🙂


What lessons on contentment have you learned?

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