I mentioned in a previous post this week that I enjoyed my father’s sense of humor when he was here recently visiting. My mom also enjoys a hearty laugh or two when visiting, because inevitably something one of us does makes us all enjoy a good laugh.

Laughter has such power. It is healing, restorative, and eases tension in difficult situations. Laughter draws people together and uplifts us when we feel down.

I don’t think we fully  understand, nor has medical science fully proven the full benefits of laughter (and perhaps it cannot be scientifically validated in the way that research studies are conducted).

I do take scripture at its word, that “A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

My parents left a few days ago, and I found out my father was hospitalized last night with very high blood pressure. He was transferred via ambulance to another hospital this morning (a larger facility in a larger city) and tomorrow he will have a heart cath done.

Well, we aren’t laughing much today. But we have the memories of our laughs with us.

If I could suggest one thing to those who are reading, it would be not only to laugh, but to record the voices of those you love. I realize how familiar certain voices are, and how I want to remember what they sound like. I want to be able to recall the sound of my parents’ voices. I heard them daily for over 18 years, and even after college and moving away, their voices are still familiar. Not only would I like to remember, I’d like my kids to remember as well– their stories in their own voices.

I may travel to be with my parents the next few days. I hope there is some laughter. And I hope to record their voices and some stories.