I am thousands of miles away from home. 25 hours of traveling bring me to a region replete with coconut trees, banana trees, crows cawing and sunny skies– to a land in south Asia.

My mind is spinning and still processing the change in scenery and place.

Women in brightly colored saris or kurtis (long tunics) walk the streets, scores of motorcycles fit in amongst cars of varying sizes, larger trucks and buses honk horns, and auto rickshaws ferry passengers across town. There are people in each direction I turn my head; India’s neighborhoods are abuzz with activity.

In just two days of driving in a 5 mile radius in just one part of the city, I have seen half a dozen Hindu temples, and the sounds of a nearby mosque wake ne each morning. I see evidence of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians living in the same city of 8 million. Diverse and cosmopolitan  describe Bangalore, in the south central part of the country. Traffic isn’t as frightening as I have experienced in Delhi or other cities bit it certainly is busy and congested– highly congested!

Two days ago we flew to a smaller city in another state– closer to the coast, and the weather here is warmer and a bit more humid, not as pleasant as Bangalore. The mosquitoes here are a force to be reckoned with– but we are so far managing and avoid going outdoors at dusk or early evening.

There is much more to say, but for now I’ll have to save all of the stories for later. The internet connection here isn’t so great– I get disconnected every 10 minutes and must reconnect!

Just wanted to write quickly to say that I’m still here… and I look forward to adding more as soon as I can.