The Most High God
will surely shelter you
defend you
protect you
deliver you
redeem you
watch you
keep you
love you
save you
forgive you

there is nothing He will not do for you

His arm is not too short to save


Remembering His goodness this week, #663-676:

663.  a good laugh, happened early last week, and it was good to remember it when I needed an encouraging thought
664. finishing To Kill a Mockingbird. Haven’t read it since high school. Good read.
665. kind words. Even the simplest ones.
666.  comment on this blog  by someone who read about the food allergies my son deals with, told me she has been there too with her son, and then wrote this, “Press on without regret for the way God has uniquely created Elijah.” A mom who has walked a similar road would know what to say. 🙂 True, wise, and sweet… and words to apply to so many other areas of life.
667. a kind gesture
668. provision in various ways
669. truth
670. fun event on Sunday — Greek Olympics with some other families
671. “… For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” –I Samuel 16:7. I memorized that verse when I was a teen. It still comes to me when I need it. Just love this verse. It comforts, convicts and challenges. I’m writing a post about this verse.
672. Reading through a list of prophecies in the OT and seeing which have been fulfilled and which haven’t… and marveling at what is to come… feeling both excitement and fear.
673. piano teacher still has a slot for us after our absence of 3 months
674. good result at the dentist for all the kids– no cavities
675. God is faithful
676. completed science project