I knew her in college.

I may have passed by her in the grocery store today.

She might have been in the pew in front of me.

She could be my neighbor, down the street.

At night, she may fill the time with nonsensical television, or bury herself in a bar. During the day, she tries to escape for a while at work.

But when it is time to be alone, she knows.

Filling up on the world doesn’t take away the ache

More noise, alcohol or drugs, more work… only masks the void temporarily, but doesn’t take it away.

There is a chasm deep and long, and it echoes loud from the heart to the ears. She knows something is wrong.

Filling up on the temporal, on the world,  only magnifies the pain, highlights the loneliness, shows the gap more clearly…

the need for a Savior.

Maybe, it was you. Or, maybe it is you.

Or, perhaps it is her, the person you see next door, on the street, even in the pew?

Maybe you can hear the echo from her heart, to yours.


The above is in response to a Five Minute Writing prompt, found here at thegypsymama.com. Today’s writing prompt is the word “Empty”. The rules are: write for five minutes flat; no editing. Hope to see you join in with your prompt, too!