Two weeks ago, we planted vegetable seeds.

In this:

It was an experiment– we usually buy seedlings in late May and plant them in the ground. But this year, we decided to plant straight from seed.

And two weeks later, here is what we have:

This weekend, we transplanted the taller plants into larger pots.

We’ve never started our garden straight from seed before, and we didn’t know how fast some of these plants would grow. The various vegetables all grow at different rates.

(It’s kind of like us– like people– we all grow differently, too.)

I’m looking forward to harvesting these beauties… we hope to have eggplant, tomatoes, cucumber, green beans, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, okra (although there is a blogger out there who loathes okra and she might be offended if she read this, LOL!), sunflowers, watermelon, basil, cilantro, and rosemary (I might be forgetting something). But, time will tell if our new seedlings will grow and mature and produce fruit.

Plants serve as a useful reminder for many truths. In every season, beautiful growing things teach us in different ways. Spring especially is a time of hope and new beginnings.

Here is a poem I wrote about new beginnings, planting seeds, the work done in our hearts, and the hope that hearts turn toward their Maker:

The Turning

I take a spear and tear
ground open, unzipping
warm earth,  watch half-
earthworms wriggle, struggle
for slice of dirt-breath

In desperation, I plant
a few seeds and wait in vain
for a forest and hope
for the turning
of sunflowers.


Continuing in a list of thanks, #700-710:

700. Thankful that the heavy winds this past week didn’t destroy the fragrant, blooming flowers on this bush that I have yet to know the name of (they usually bloom around the first week or second week of May, but this year the plants are blooming 3-4 weeks early). Each year, I look forward to these short-lived sweet blossoms:

701. Outing on Saturday to the movies.

702. The boys had an increase in asthma symptoms last week, sparked by minor colds all the kids contracted, but thankful that they all came through it well.

703. Meeting friends on Friday night for Bible study and fellowship.

704. Zucchini bread which my daughter made from last summer’s zucchini (we still had some left in the freezer). Turned out yummy! Had a cup of hot tea with the bread this morning and it was just perfect.

705. Purchasing a used (but in very good condition) science textbook and supplies from another homeschool mom.

706. A lighter and quieter week last week.

707. An hour long nap on Sunday afternoon. Soooo lovely.

708. Rain on a Sunday afternoon.

709. Living so close to: church, the library, the grocery stores, etc. So very nice to enjoy a 5 minute drive to all of these things. Don’t want to take it for granted!

710. Another blogger who blessed my socks off by mentioning my blog on one of her posts a few days ago!