We used to have it. In this culture.

But… not so much anymore.

Not too long ago, people were out of their homes, more than they are now.
Not too long ago, neighbors knew each other by name, and then some.
Not too long ago, kids ran around with  the other kids in their block, and no one worried too much.

But, now?

We’re looking for it. We’re searching for it. We’re hungry for it.

It = community.

We’re more connected than ever through the internet, yet we’re more alone than ever, too.

God made us this way:

To grow together. To  build one another up. To walk together. To love together. To serve together. To share one another’s burdens.

We aren’t meant to walk alone.

And sometimes, perhaps more often than not, I am the one must take the initiative. That is the way it is. And it’s ok. Because in the end, I know that God will give me what I need.

More often that not, WE are the ones who must take the initiative.

Building community? It starts with me. It starts with us.


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