A photographer sees life at different angles and distances: a bugs-eye view, a birds-eye view, close-up, faraway, panoramic, etc.

The different views help the photographer to present life as he/she sees it: realistically, idealistically, as a collage, as a mirage, or anything in between. Art reflects the view of the artist and artists present their art through their own eyes.

Have you ever played a game in which the objects were so close up it was extremely difficult to determine what the object was? When we’re so close to it, it doesn’t look like what it really is.

Likewise, in life, when we’re so close to our difficulties, our hardships, our relationships, etc., we may not be seeing the big picture.

We have a limited view. We may only see the flaws. The bumps. A small piece of the whole….

Which is why it’s important to get down on our knees, and ask God for HIS perspective. That offers the truest view. He is in focus, He sees the big picture AND the details. And, HE LOVES US, wants what is best for us.

I don’t know about you, but I need that perspective regularly. Daily. Minute-ly? (new word?)

Perspective? Found on the knees. Or better yet– flat on the face!


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