The muse is kind of quiet lately. I don’t have a fantastically clever post, superb thesis statement, or beautiful prose. Maybe it’s just as well, since these weeks are more than full, and it’s perhaps grace during a busy time.

I have much on my mind, and many things I have no answers for. There are illnesses, relationships, and other challenges… plus, I have decisions to make, questions to ask, and answers to find. I must make decisions for curriculum next fall, plans for this summer, plans for next week, figure out what’s for dinner, and all of these things make me realize my need for God.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with my neighbor a few years ago. She is like a Martha Stewart gardener, as I’ve told her on several occasions, and we were talking as we were meandering through her glorious flower garden brimming with colorful beauties such as brown-eyed susans, purple coneflowers, daisies, and purple salvia. (Am I supposed to capitalize names of flowers? I’m such a geek!) Anyway, we were talking about relationships, and about some of the quirky, unusual, and even hurtful things that can happen among people. She said, “I stopped trying to figure things out a long time ago.”

Yep. I understood what she was saying: it isn’t worth trying to figure it all out. So much in life is undecipherable. Some things you just need to forget, or to forgive, and move on. Sometimes you need to assume the best and not try to figure out anything else. Sometimes you just need to swallow hard, and cover it all with grace. People are complex, and life is complicated, with puzzles and mysteries too large and strange for us to comprehend.

It is tiring, fruitless, and pointless to figure all this out– not to mention the fact we’re not supposed to, and we can’t do a good job of it– at least, I tend to mess up when I stick my foot in. Anyone? 🙂 God is much better at this than I am.

I’m looking forward to summer, and on my bucket list, I have: picnics, swimming, reading, (writing goes without saying), soaking up as much sunshine as possible without getting a sunburn or a tan (is this possible?), and leaving plenty of time for thinking, dreaming, and doodling. Sounds pretty good! So far, I have plenty of empty days on the calendar to make it happen.

I’m asking God to figure out all the rest.


Counting to #1000 with Ann at a A Holy Experience, #791-812:

791. a pajama day at home this past week
792. excellent Sunday school lesson today
793. chasing butterflies around the yard

A half dozen “comma” butterflies enjoyed feasting on the lilacs recently

794. new possibilities
795. it’s blueberry and watermelon season again
796. these grape hyacinths that bloomed this past spring — small but cute:

797. a surprise, generous offer
798. little boys laughing on the trampoline
799. holding a newborn
800. a high school graduation party
801. birthday cupcakes —  my “baby” is turning 9! 😉

802. a friend who goes above and beyond in what she does, thinking ahead, anticipating and helping others in what they need; an encourager to others, setting a good example (she won’t read this, she doesn’t go online much, isn’t on facebook, a blogger, etc.)
803. fresh, new ideas heard at a homeschooling event
804. a vase filled with flowers from the yard

805. that the muse is quiet
806. I Corinthians 2:10 “These are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God.” Thankful for the deep things, and that they are revealed to us. Praise God for this miracle!
807. a plan for memorizing some scripture this summer
808. flowers and vegetables planted in the ground– yay! I was immensely sore after two straight days of yard and garden work, but it is worth the effort and everyone helped!
809. a pinata full of candy

810. a cardinal’s nest in the bush, just outside the living room window, but just high enough that we can’t see the baby bird(s) yet or get a picture… but we have enjoyed watching the mama and papa coming to the nest with food, and the mama bird sitting on the nest
811. seeing an oriole and blue  jay flying by while driving in the car
812. fun twitter talk… leading to a new club for reals? 🙂
813. two hummingbirds in the yard, attracted by the yellow lilies (got a picture of the lilies at least!)

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