Hello friends!

In yesterday’s post on Seven Travel Tips (for taking long road trips with children,  I promised I would mention a few of our favorite audio CD’s. Then my new sweet friend Theresa who writes at Heavenly Glimpses asked for the titles of the scripture memory CD’s, which made me think that my other new sweet friend Alicia who writes at The Overflow might also enjoy this list for her handful of lovelies. (Check out their blogs– you will be blessed. I love the hearts of these two women).

We have pulled out these CD’s for long road trips, but truthfully, they are fun anytime and we have listened to them at home, too. I have 3 categories: Fun AND Educational; Scripture Memory; and Audio Books.

 1.) Fun AND Educational

1) Geography Songs CD– This has been a favorite through the years. They sing the names of the countries of the world by region, and several songs are devoted to the U.S. You can get the mp3 on Amazon or the CD kit directly through Audio Memory.

2) States and Capitals Songs CD– This is produced by the same folks who make the Geography Songs CD above. We love this one, too. It’s a great way to learn the states and capitals. Here is the link to the Audio memory site.

3) Math Songs CD– I highly recommend these as well, especially for a child who is learning her/his multiplication facts. This is from the same place, Audio Memory. (I assure you, I am not affiliated at all with any of the products I am mentioning today, though I feel like I’m sounding like an official promoter for them!)

4) Beethoven’s Wig: Sing Along Symphonies. This one is so much fun. And silly. They’ve taken classical songs and added lyrics. At the end of the CD, the actual classical orchestral performance of each piece is included (with no vocals). A definite favorite!!

5) Classical Kids Series. Each CD in this series includes a dramatic story about a famous composer, and musical excerpts. The dramas are engaging, very well done, just like a radio drama would be. We own a few of these (such as Mr. Bach Comes to Call, Beethoves Lives Upstairs and Mozart’s Magic Fantasy). Again, fun and educational.

6) Adventures in Odyssey: We’ve checked these out from a church library in town and have listened to numerous of them. Excellent radio dramas with a message!

2.) Scripture Memory

1.)  Sing the Word from A to Z. Highly recommended. We own several (“Sing the Word from A to Z”,  “A New Commandment”, and “Great in Counsel”). The words are taken straight from scripture.

2.) Seeds of Faith CD. We received it as a gift, but I found it here. We LOVE this CD. It’s upbeat and very well done, taken right from scripture. I see that there are more volumes in this collection now, and since we love our “Seeds of Faith” volume, I’d be willing to try more!

{And this is a non-musical/non-audio tip, but if you want to memorize some scripture this summer, go to www.biblebee.org, click on “summer materials” and download 25 scripture memory cards in the version of your choice. (It is too late to register for the Bible Bee, but you can still memorize the scripture on your own. We hole punched the cards and put them in a small o-ring. But, we are registered for the Bible Bee, so we are really making an effort to memorize some scripture this summer).}

3.) Audio Books

I love audio books. We’ve listened to several gems while driving. We’ve checked out many from our local library, but audio books are easy downloads onto mp3 players or iPods. Downloading has worked for us as the kids have grown, since I have a child in high school, in middle school and elementary school– each at a different reading level. The titles below are great for all ages, and are only a few suggestions– there are many other good choices out there.

Chronicles of Narnia series

Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett (exciting mystery)

King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (this is one of our family’s favorite books)


There you have it! (Again, I am NOT affiliated in any way with any of the products I mention– these are simply products we have enjoyed). I do hope this list offers a few new options for those who are looking for ideas on long road trips. Do you have any to recommend? I’d love to hear your favorites!