I like imagining and thinking and conjuring. I could easily spend way too much time dreaming. I’m kind of a dreamer.

But, I realize that what I’m imagining, what I’m thinking, what I’m dreaming is but only a tiny sliceo of the real pie. Here I am, dreaming of tiny little chocolate bites, when He wants to give me the entire king-sized giant chocolate bar! Oh– and then some.

These imaginings of mine? Small and puny and not good for me, when He’s thinking more. Why do I think these tiny pieces of sweets ย are really it, are really enough, are really the good things He has for me? Why do I want to run and cower from bites of hardship? Because even those hold a blessing.

My God? He’s thinking beyond where my little brain can even think or imagine. He IS more than my mind can fathom.

He is beyond my expectations of love, mercy, kindness, justice, goodness. He loves me more than I deserve, gives me Himself, on a cross. He goes above and BEYOND and even further.

How can I respond? It is beyond my ability to show my thanks, what this means.

Words fail, but He takes what I have to offer, all of me, and works in spite of me, and goes beyond this human wreckage.

His love? Crazy and beyond.


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