“coruscate” – to shine with a quivering or glittering light, to sparkle and flash; from the Latin coruscāre, to vibrate or gleam.



The spirit hovered over the waters. Before it all began, His breath was here, blowing dreams into being. Mighty oaks, redwoods, the earth’s crater-bowls of oceans, large blocks of land, the unending sky… all were here in the beginning. He made it so.

Creation still echoes in the canyons, bounces off clouds, softly lands in my ears. I hear the thump, I hear His heart beating in the rapid thrum of the hummingbird’s wings. Indeed… He is here.

The mystery of Love, of Him, who was and is, who was there, and here, and everywhere, the mystery of Him who IS- always, was, and will be… is here, with me. I carry it, this mystery, this wonder. This beautiful world around me is full of Him, His presence.

Love is permeable; He moves in and out and through all barriers of hate and hardness. He is always here. I can’t explain how He is with me and with you at the same time… except that at the same time He is big enough to be everywhere and yet small enough to be right here with me.

As I walk the paths of old, I can’t quite see what’s ahead. Truthfully, often I have no idea what is up ahead on the trail. But even then, He is here — and there. He is with me as I walk and He is there, just up ahead.

People in this world will call me foolish, unwise, uneducated, simple, gullible… for believing. Because what I have said makes no logical, scientific sense.

I can’t put Him, who IS, the great I AM, who is here and there and everywhere, in a box that can be sealed and labeled and shelved. He is beyond our labels. How does one explain Love, Truth, Transcendence? 

How can God be denied… when He says the heavens declare His glory and all of creation speaks of Him? If I understood the birds, I think they would be singing praises. Just because I cannot understand their language does not mean they are not speaking something of beauty.

When I close my eyes, He is there. When I open my eyes, He is here.

Where can I go from His presence? I cannot go anywhere He is not.

All of a sudden, I feel a longing — a longing to be there, where Adam once was, walking with Him in the garden.

But I need not– because my wish is already granted, my longing already fulfilled: He is here.



edited from the archives