Sometimes, I get a hankering to change furniture around. It seems that most every year, I rearrange the furniture in the “school room” (the former dining room).   I usually think I can’t come up with a new configuration– I mean, there are only a limited number of spots a desk, a table, and a bookshelf can fit, but then lo and behold, somehow, it happens and we have a new furniture arrangement. The freshness, the newness, the cleaning out and straightening up… it is needed.

So it is with this blog… lately I am just tired of the same old look. I change the header to reflect the current season… but I’m not quite satisfied or settled with it. I want a nice new logo or theme or– something.

It’s not just the looks… but the content, too.

I’ve been wondering: should I write a political post? I could write one. But I don’t want to stick to that topic only. Talk about controversy. Discussing politics would surely bring on a plethora of opinions and ideas.

Yet, I’m hankering… for more. I want some real, deep discussion.

I stick to nice topics, usually. But lately… I’m wondering if my pencil has just been a tad too dull. Should I be controversial? I don’t know if I really am a controversial type of person– the type to write controversial blog topics.

Maybe all I want is to take it all just a level deeper.

So I haven’t been writing here lately. I recall that last August, I took a break as well. This year, it wasn’t planned that way– it just happened that way. This year again, I find the break has been extremely helpful, useful, necessary, in processing my thoughts and ideas about the blog (and other things).

I need the change, I need the fresh air… I need something– different.

There are a gazillion books to read– and write and blog about. There are innumerable conversations to be had.

I’m considering so many different directions– it’s crazy– but I know I won’t and can’t go into all of those directions. That would be like demagnetizing the compass and watching the needle spin.

Always– I should be pointing toward the true North. 

In the midst of a crazy busy fall season ahead… with the school year about to begin and with me literally moving things around the house… and knowing I won’t get this all done by Tuesday… I am STILL blogging.

But I want a new header, a new design. Same old… it’s getting old-lookin’ to me.

Then some fresh words to fit…

about theology, religion, Christianity, living out the faith, etc.

So there. A plan– of sorts.