Uncertainties abound.

Our world today is in turmoil. Tensions are high in the Middle East. Countries are in finanical trouble. People are without jobs. Families are struggling in numerous ways.

Amidst the shakiness of shifting ideals, policies, morals, ideas, and conditions, stands the solid truth of God’s word. God’s word is a safe place. A steadfast place. A trustworthy rock. A shelter in times of uncertainty.

Uncertainties abound– whether political or personal… in business, school, and at home.

When the world shakes all around, I look for the signs of hope in calamity. I see it in God’s word, which sometimes I feel like I’m holding onto like a rope with dangerous seas below.

But I also see hope in the birds that sing, in the squirrels preparing for winter, in the sun shining today, in the world that keeps turning, in the smiles and dreams of youngsters all around. God is not dead. He is alive and at work. The waves on the shore have not overtaken the land. The waters have not overcome the earth. There are people who still believe in God, and His word, and His redemptive plan, and that He is in charge no matter what happens.

God and His word, and His love? It’s the one thing certain.


Sharing with Ann at Multitudes on Monday, counting to #1000:

902. Watching birds outside the window
903. Attending the boys’ cross-country meets
904. The excitement of new classes starting in the fall
905. Two bike rides (one 8 miles, one 4 miles), and an exercise class this past week
906. Lactose-free chocolate ice cream. Did I mention it was chocolate? 🙂
907. Curriculum planning and picking
908. Zucchini bread
909. Field trip to the art museum on a beautiful day and picnic lunch with friends
910. New season of piano lessons and hearing the familiar sound of piano practice in the background….
911. Carpooling with a friend. Especially to faraway places (meaning 15-20 or more miles away). Takes the sting out of the long drive and high gas prices.
912. Family game night– playing “Clue”
913. Pretty nail polish
914. Watching one son play a game all by himself, “Risk”… because he can’t find anyone to play with him. 🙂 (it’s a long, complicated game and not everyone wants to play….)
915. Watching my daughter knead dough for homemade deep fried flatbread (called “pooris/puris”)