Colors emerge like hidden jewels, sparkling in the sun. The season is turning, and once again I contemplate the beauty and lesson of the deciduous Tree.

Its branches are always lifted upward like arms in praise. With a dark, cold season approaching, Tree surrenders bravely as it is stripped of its glorious coat of color and stands bare naked in the coldest months of the year. 

I cannot understand all the cold days of this life, as I too have seasons when I feel as if my coat is being removed and I am losing what I once held.

But one of the sweetest reminders of  autumn is that hidden jewels exist behind the coat– that there are “great and unsearchable things” that the Coat-Remover Himself waits to reveals to us– words of life and wisdom, the peace of His presence, and so much more.

As leaves fall, I am reminded to search for the timeless treasures left behind behind when coats are removed– truths from the hand of the Tree Maker Himself.

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