When God gave me words, pen and paper, and now computer screen, he gave me back some fragments of sanity… where would I be without words? For years I have poured out words… since I was 10, I have been spilling words on paper.

Riveredge fall 2010_hole in tree

Words have helped me make sense out of life, have helped me work out grief, have helped me offer thanks to God, and have worked their magical way into doing something in my heart that needed to be done. Without words, I’d be an even bigger mess. Even with them, I’m still like sentence fragments, trying to piece together a complete thought, that will maybe make more sense at the end when God says my life story on earth is done. I seem a far cry from being done.

I’m feeling a bit melancholy, listening to nostalgic, calm piano music late at night, and spring seems far away, though I know it will eventually come.

I’ve believed too many lies in my life, and though I know I was late in identifying some of them– at least it happened. Because lies keep us in a tomb for so long and we need resurrecting… we need to bury the lies, leave them in the tomb and rise like the morning sun.

I was resurrected in Christ, a new self come to life, but some of that old stuff, like lies, stuck on for a while. It took me a long time to see it. Finally truth sank in, illuminated the darkness, and the lies were exposed.

I could move on.

It didn’t change where the lies led me. Circumstances are much more complicated. But in my heart, my life, the truth set me free, and it still is doing its work.


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