Life is curious.

You don’t know where you’ll end up, or what you’ll be doing.

There are so many things beyond my understanding and beyond explanation.

Relationships, at least one or another, is always is trouble, or in need of minor or major repair.

WE are constantly in NEED.

I’m not just talking about physical need here, though millions in our world are in need of food and shelter and basic necessities. Despite the fact that I am not hungry, I have shelter and clothing, I still feel that I am NEED of something.

But here, I am talking about our spiritual need.

We can’t take two steps in our day (at least I can’t) without stumbling and falling flat on our faces.

But you know, nothing else like falling on my face reminds me of how much I need God. How much I need Him desperately.

It’s the grace of Christ that he lets me fall. And I find that is exactly where I need to be.


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