Internet Tea


I can’t tweet on the phone anymore, I’ve got a date with my mouse;
must let my fingers do the typing (not walking, that was the Middle Ages),
while I sip tea and eat blackberry and apple pie

I can’t face this book,
I’ve got to digg in deep, since the google search yielded
621, 784 results, and each of them might be relevant
somehow. Your poem? Incredible, I reddit, liked and voted!

Have you ever seen someone throw a disqus that far? I bet
her stats are quite amazing, what a platform
to have such numbers on the high resolution screen.
Maybe I’ll stumbleupon the magic number
And google plus it to infinity…

In hibernation mode, a few people linkedin!
And while I slept in myspace,
I dreamt of a few blog ideas.
Maybe you’ll see it on the tube,
but I’m still afraid of a controversial intensedebate…
Oh vimeo, wherefore art thou?
Dost thou have the answers
to all of my social media questions?

“I’ll retweet the quote, tag you in the note,
text you, e-mail you, check your inbox, don’t forget to vote.”

It’s been so nice to chat, friend, pass the tumblr, let’s have tea again
real soon….