Five random things for today:

1) I have a splinter in my heel that is proving a real doozy to remove! After I sterilized a needle and tried to remove it yesterday, I noticed today it is still sore at times. I can’t tell, though, if there is a splinter there or not! Isn’t that crazy?! I searched online for some tips on removing splinters. I soaked my heel in vinegar for 30 minutes, which is supposed to bring a splinter to the surface. But that didn’t happen. In fact, it seemed to disappear and looked as if nothing was there. After that, I applied a paste of baking soda and water, and a bandaid on top,. and will leave it overnight, hoping that will bring any splinter to the surface. I’m finding this to be quite a cockamamie situation. Can you imagine if I can’t get this splinter out and it gets worse that I’ll have to actually go to a doctor for a tiny splinter?! That would be even more cockamamie. Can you even? Let’s hope I have some success tomorrow!

2) Sometimes you need what I’m going to call “Puppy Therapy”. My youngest has been asking for a dog for years. Today we went to a puppy store and he enjoyed playing with a few cute little puppies: a mixed Pomeranian, a Shih-Poo and a baby Boxer. I am so close to saying “yes” to a dog. I want a dog, though I’m not very experienced with animals or dogs. But I don’t mind having a dog. And we’d learn. I actually really do want a dog. After today, though they are cute, we confirmed a puppy is not what we want. Puppies are too messy (they poop all the time, everywhere), some are hyperactive, and some are quite noisy (yappy). I don’t want a yappy dog. We want a playful dog, but not one that is jumping all the time and can’t be still and quiet. We also want a trained dog. As in, potty-trained. And people-trained. And trained in things like “sit” and “stop”. A dog that won’t suddenly think it’s the boss of you, instead of you the boss of it. An affectionate dog, but not so clingy that you can never leave the house. A friendly dog, but one that will protect its owners. A dog that doesn’t have overly excessive exercise needs, needing more than just the daily walk. A dog that does not shed and requires minimal grooming. Dogs with no known long-term major health concerns. I have no idea what I’m asking for. Is it too much to ask for in a dog-pet-human-relationship? Honestly, I have no idea. But that is the “ideal”. Man, is this sounding like some sort of dating site description “so this is what we are looking for in a dog”…. Ok, weird. I know. But that is how it is, I guess. Not all dogs are good matches- it depends on the dog owners and the dog personalities, too. Are they dog owners able and content to stay home the majority of the time, and spend a lot of time grooming and vacuuming dog hair? Are the dog owners gone to work all day? All of these questions need honest answers. Anyway, based on our lifestyle and what we want, that probably means not a very young puppy. A young trained dog would be good, but not an untrained puppy. Anyway, the Puppy Therapy was a Good Thing for today.

3) A food I find irresistible, the food I go-to like others go to chocolate or ice cream, is: The Potato Chip. Yes, the plain and ordinary, full of fat, unhealthy, crunchy, crispy, slightly- salty-but-not-too-salty potato chip. You can put a plate of chocolate chip cookies in front of me, or bowls of ice cream, other sweets, etc., and I will not be tempted. Give me a bowl of chips, though, and you can forget it. I may cave. I cave in regularly. Which is why I avoid buying them regularly. What is it about chips?? Why not apples ? Anyway, the thing I drown my sorrows in is a bowl of chips. Unfortunately it ends up elsewhere on my person…. this is Not a Good Thing. But Chips. A Good Thing? Maybe? “Not in excess, perhaps”, she says sheepishly.

4) I can’t seem to stay out of the grocery store lately. The past weeks have been unusual with a party, guests, etc., but I sometimes found myself in the store three, four, or five, times a week. This is Not a Good Thing. This is Not Fun. I remember years ago when I got my drivers license at 16, and how thrilled I was when my mom asked me to go to the grocery store. Really? Me? Alone? DRIVE – to the grocery store? Yes, m’am! And now… well, let’s just say the novelty has worn off. Let’s just say Tarnished. Rusted. Ha. Ha.

5) We have a bag of Rolo’s in the house. Remember how I just said I can avoid sweets? Well that is true. Mostly. I’d say it’s true 95%- 99% of the time. But we’ve never had a bag of Rolo’s around. So I’ve been sneaking in a Rolo each day this week. Today I ate two. This is Not a Good Thing. Someone, please remove the bag of Rolo’s from this house! Is it Halloween yet? No, it is not. I will, therefore, give them away to some deserving person who is desperate for chocolate.

And there you have it. Five Random Things. This blog post is too random for me to even know whether it will be a regular thing. A regular post like this, however, would be a Good Thing, I think.