Adjust boom windward
As storm approaches—
Gales and waves toss us
Like a child’s toy boat at bath time

Can you see the storm approaching?
Jibe, tack, plant cautious feet
Don’t play around like a child at bath time
Mind the mature and callous sea

The crew, longing for land, plants cautious feet
After breathing seasons of salty air
Stranded with thirst in a callous sea
Windswept, sunburned, and surrounded

After salty seasons of standing aft beside rudder
With keen eyes, wiser ones keep watch
Windswept, sunburned, surrounded–
Lest we end up in irons, going nowhere

With keen eyes, wiser ones exchange places
After long years of standing aft at rudder
Caught up in the movement of going nowhere
The journey repeats, swapping places, switching storms



This is my first attempt at a poetic form called t he “Pantoum”, in which the 2nd and 4th line of one stanza become the 1st and 3rd line of the next stanza. 🙂