Here’s a poem I wrote when I was in high school… yep, high school. That was, let’s see… a long time ago. My kids are now close to the age when I wrote this. This piece was published in our annual high school literary magazine. My 7th grade English teacher is the one who gets much credit for my interest in poetry today. She asked me if I’d be interested in writing something for the magazine. I was flattered to be asked. Not that anyone couldn’t write- anyone could write and submit something for consideration for publication. It’s just that I didn’t know anything about it, and well, I was asked. That started it, I wrote every year for that publication, and even submitted my artwork, which was also published, and never looked back, just kept on going. I have copies of those old magazines in a box. I can’t say there are an abundance of delightful memories from high school, but this is certainly one of them. 

Winter sunset




Everything is Beautiful



Every creature, person and thing

Is beautiful in its own way

So don’t be cruel

You may feel guilty someday.


Everything has feelings

Being rude is not fun.

Respect and appreciate

What God has done.


Even if something

Is not pleasing to the eye

Don’t remark about it—

Because inward you die.


Everything is beautiful

And beauty is easy to find

And those who do not see it

Are definitely blind.