Sonnets… and the Bible? I was intrigued and agreed to write a review for Sonnets of Faith, by Dona Wilding Haws, illustrated by Dan Burr, published by Ambassador International.

A sonnet is a type of poetry with a set pattern of a rhyming scheme, syllabic emphasis, and number of lines. In this book, the sonnets are  written in Shakespearean style, with 14 lines divided intro three groups of four quatrains, with the final two lines forming a couplet. Within each quatrain, the last word of the fist line rhymes with the last word of the third line, and the last word of the second line rhymes with the last word of  the fourth line. All of the lines have ten syllables written in iambic pentameter.

Each poem in this book begins with a Scripture reference that serves as the inspiration for the poem. The book is divided into ten sections, or topics, and includes several sonnets under each section; for example, “Wisdom” is one of the sections, and includes six sonnets.

The author stays true to the sonnet style, while exploring or amplifying a certain characteristic, situation, or story. After reading through the book, it is clear the author has a genuine love for God. She speaks out of her personal experience.

The sonnets carry a sense of hope and assurance and a sure faith.

Writing sonnets can be challenging, and the results are soothing, calm, hopeful.

This selection may not be necessarily something to pick up to be challenged to think in an entirely new way… but comforted, rather. I did keep coming back to the fact that writing nearly sixty sonnets was indeed a labor of love.

The artwork was perfect; gorgeous paintings that fit the mood of the book well.

Here is a sample poem, reflective of the typical sonnet,  inspired by John 21:25:

The Library


Shall we compare the earth so well supplied

With evidence of gracious work divine,

And testimony Scriptures true confide

As God’s great work all people to refine–

Shall we compare all these with libraries

Full housed with ev’ry kind of well-shelved book,

Recorded files of sun and sky and seas,

Of realms of thought and pix on which to look?

For John did say, if all Christ did were writ,

Abundance of His works we do not know,

Said sacred record likely would not fit

Upon His footstool where we dwell below,

And as John said, so we can sure believe,

As proof from sun and stars we still receive.


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Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I receive no compensation for promoting the book, or for providing the links.