Falling, like leaves
Dreams pile  
In cordate heaps

I follow a leaf floating
In a wild wind
Like the leaf—
Unzipped, undone
By words, by a breath
Falling to a death
Of proportions previously

Fallen, released,
On forest floor.

This, the wine of autumn
Sweetness released 
By dusty copper shards
Beneath the feet
Smoky fragrance
Of death and life.

Crushed cider
A small taste —
Buried loveliness
Between the lips

Don’t take the knife
And slice a jewel of autumn
Reds and golds spilling—
Everywhere, bittersweet dripping

Is it always
A banquet of such
Tortured feast?

I don’t want 
To be lost, forgotten
Imprints hidden
Under an onslaught
Of a once-again
Never ending winter

Breathe life into
Bare leaf bones
Buried in earth-kissed carpet
Brilliant gems now glowing

Under deep snow
Hear heart beating
See flames rising


©Prasanta October 29, 2016