Little free library in my neighborhood

I pass by this little free library when I take walks. Someone did a really nice job making this one. Occasionally, I open the cabinet doors to peek inside. It is usually full of books of all kinds. I haven’t taken anything to read, but I like to see what folks are reading and what’s in there. A few days ago, I saw a neighbor’s little girl walking to the “library” to exchange books; it was her first time to walk to the “library” by herself, and she was quite proud of the fact. So cute.

There is a website called “little free library” where one can search all over the world to find the little free libraries in your area. (The one above in my neighborhood is not “registered” on that site.) I searched a number of various countries, and there are little free libraries all over the world. Out of some of the countries I searched in Europe, Italy has a huge number of little free libraries. If you want to read a book, simply “take a book and return a book”. Someone came up with a great concept and it really caught on.

I believe in having some good books around to read. I read that advice many years ago, and I think I’ve mentioned before how going to the library was a priority, especially when my kids were younger. We hardly go to browse now that my kids are older, only when we are looking for something specific, which is unfortunate; we should make the time to just go and look like we used to do.

I’m re-reading Jane Eyre right now. Hadn’t planned on it, but I read a quote the other day from the book, and just decided to read it again. I actually have some quotes from that book that I had saved, and the one I came across happened to be on my list, too. Jane Eyre is one of a few books I actually will and do re-read; most I do not read again.

Too many people have their heads face down in their phones, texting, on social media, etc. Reading digitally, while it’s an option that is fine to use, and is convenient sometimes, can’t replace the benefits of actually reading a physical book, though. Many of us are already stuck in devices already, whether our phone or computers – why add book-reading to that?

Today I have some time to stay indoors and read. I wanted to listen to something upbeat, so I’ve got Merengue music playing. If you want to embarrass your kids sometime, or make them laugh, you can try dancing to this. I’m not above that. Haha. 🙂

Yes, this post started with little free libraries and ended with Merengue music. What else did you expect? 🙂