I heard a song the other day at my son’s piano recital called “River Flows in You”, and fell in love with it. Apparently, the song has been around since 2001, but I just noticed it. (Where have I been? I think I did hear it on one of the Pandora stations I listen to, because it sounded familiar.) I now have the piano sheet music (obtained online), and have just begun learning to play it. I was originally thinking of recording and playing it here, but because I’m too impatient to wait until I get this song to a place I can play it for others, and also because it won’t be as good as the original writer (Yiruma) playing the piece (I think he improvises a little based on the music I have), here it is. It is the first song in the playlist below.



The music is beautiful, isn’t it? I found the sheet music for a couple of other songs from the above list, too. I’ve listened to this whole playlist a number of times–the entire two hours (sometimes, I can be an insomniac; when that happens, I can easily listen to many hours of music). Some of the pieces above are a bit sad and melancholy, but sometimes, you need that. Other times, you need upbeat music. I’m thankful for all kinds of music; I like listening to little bit of almost everything. I sometimes listen to stations on Pandora and I just counted how many stations I have- and I was surprised by the number- nearly 50. I also only recently discovered that Amazon Prime includes music (not sure why I didn’t know that- late to the party again! Just never noticed.)

In the near future, I hope to post one of my own piano songs that I wrote… stay tuned. Actually I made it up about 7-8 (?) years ago, and it’s still in my head; it’s not written down yet. I’m too lazy to write it down and figure all that out (my brain doesn’t want to figure it out :), but if I wait too long to play it, I start to forget it. It’s just piano music–no lyrics–I’m not sure that particular song lends itself to lyrics. The song doesn’t have a name, either. Now I just have to figure out how to post that here. Not sure yet, but think I’ll ask someone I know who’s done this (a teenager I know who writes her own music). Thankful for teens who know these things (and actually that makes me feel kinda old :).