This fragrant, full, lilac bush is in full bloom right now, and smells incredible


Faithfulness in writing brings a fruit, a knowing, a kind of reward.

Writing is a cycle, with phases, just like the moon. There are times of darkness and times of illumination. The moon has no light of its own. It reflects the light of the sun.

On our own, we are dark, like the moon. We need the light (God) to show us truth. Even as we write in silence or in darkness, there is a light leading the way.

Here I am, here you are, joining thousands of other writing souls on the planet and sharing your words alongside theirs. So many voices pouring words in the bucket. Each one wants to be heard and known (just as in real life – the desire to be known and heard).

In addition, if you have been faithfully writing for quite some time now, perhaps you can see changes in the pace of writing and in the flow of ideas. It is an organic process, not defined by any single parameter.

If the writing process could be explained by a single formula, then we’d need not struggle. And, if we did not struggle, we might all churn out cookie-cutter posts, poems, articles, books, and blogs.

How can that be, when God has created each one of us uniquely, with our own voice and story to tell? We were not meant to be the same, and it is often the struggle that births the beautiful prose that someone else needs or enjoys.

Just like the lilac bush pictured above blooms when it is the right time, we will write something that is helpful, useful, encouraging, or entertaining to another person, in its right time. At the right time, our work will also bloom, and share its light and fragrance with the world.