Last year, I wrote a post every day in October. It was a series on communication, which can be found by clicking here. There are many prompts available online for writing during this month. I made up my own series last year. If you feel stuck in a rut or not motivated to write, or need some ideas or prompts, finding a write31 series is extremely helpful. It has personally helped me and I would recommend this to others as well.

I’m trying something a bit different this year, called “Inktober”. Instead of writing, I’ll be drawing. An ink drawing. I figured I might as well put some purpose behind the doodling which I do anyway. And well, because I love to draw, and this will make me do it. 🙂

It certainly will not be every day this month that I can post these. But, it’s a fun thing. Whatever gets done, gets done.

The prompt for day one is the word “swift”. Below is my very amateurish and quick drawing of a hawk:


So I was in a hurry and just grabbed lined looseleaf paper. And, there are two drawings. I wasn’t happy with either one but here they are. I used gel pens and even started to add some brown… which I would have done a better job with but just didn’t want to spend the time.

I used an app called “layout”, which arranges 2-4 pictures in various formats, and then you can send the finished layouts to e-mail, social media accounts, etc.

October is one of my favorite months, especially when it isn’t freezing cold and it’s possible to still enjoy being outdoors. So this gives me something else to look forward to in October. 🙂