Day Four’s Theme for Inktober is “Underwater”. I used an app to create mirror images of the drawing.  The drawing is all on a single page. I think the mirror image turned out pretty cool. I like it.

And yeah… that’s loose leaf paper again. I was out of the house, waiting for my son to finish a class on Tuesday afternoon, and this is what I had with me. I used those minutes waiting to draw the above.

From now on, I’m not entirely sure I’ll use the “official” inktober prompt list, though I may occasionally.  Some of them don’t interest me (like “poison” for example, which was day 3).

To be honest, I’m not 100% happy with this drawing, though, just as with the previous one. The previous one needed more time. For this picture, I don’t like the way the eye turned out. It isn’t bad, just not what I had in mind. It is not meant to be entirely realistic, but not a cartoon, either, so I suppose this is somewhere in the middle, and that is what it is supposed to be. Well, there’s my critique on this simple drawing.

Besides the highly expensive and artistic Wal-Mart loose leaf paper (haha) I also used a gel pen and an ordinary ballpoint pen–would you believe it, also from Wal-Mart! (I do have higher quality paper by the way, just didn’t have it handy with me when I needed it.) I am drooling over some drawing pens, though, which I saw on the inktober’s website. So, I decided if I can publish a reasonable number of drawings this month, I will “earn” one of those special pens, i.e., I will reward myself with a special pen. It isn’t expensive ($10), but I couldn’t justify getting one without drawing for a bit first because I have plenty of art supplies that have been waiting for my attention for a very long time. (Notice that I didn’t define “reasonable number”. 🙂 I think I will choose a random number, such as 10. I want to make it realistic yet less than 10 is not enough. I don’t think I can swing 20.)

Anyway, two down now, and eight more to go. I’ll let you know if I get that pen or not at the end of this month.