Y’all! I’m having so much fun with this layout app which takes pictures and rearranges them in unique ways.

Yesterday’s prompt was “crooked” (yes, I’m a day late – I was traveling over the weekend and was driving back yesterday).

When I saw the prompt was “crooked”, I thought a crooked tree would work just fine, and I will not miss an excuse to draw a picture of a tree. 🙂

Above is the one tree, with some flips and mirror images. When I did some more flips and mirror images, look at these incredible designs below that resulted, made from just one tree:






Just wow. Aren’t they incredible? It looks like I drew some intricate designs. Nowadays,  design coloring books are quite popular with even an adult audience. I could draw various objects, make interesting layouts, and make my own coloring book. I see ideas and various possibilities! Anyway, it’s a fun thing. And it makes this one tree, which was the single base drawing…


look so much more interesting. 🙂