Above is the pen drawing for the Day 9 prompt, which is “screech”. It’s an owl, but I am not sure if it is a “screech” owl. I drew this owl first in pencil, and when I did the ink version, I could clearly see what I’m lacking in pen materials to create the same effect. The pencil version is below, which I like better. It’s much easier to manage shading, feathers, softness, and other details in pencil. I couldn’t create the same effect with a single gen pen.



To be completely honest, I have to start with pencil first.  I do not draw regularly, I am out of practice, and cannot start directly with a pen without making way too many mistakes and wasting paper. This was a good exercise–trying something a bit different–and comparing the pencil and pen versions.

If you look at the previous prompt (“crooked”), you will see flips and mirror images of a tree. Mirror images and flips with the owl, however, turned into a creepy creature with multiple eyes and beaks. So, I’ll leave it at this!